Friday, May 25, 2007

Where Does It Go?

Time, where does it go?
Wasn't it yesterday I brought my firstborn son home?
Wasn't it yesterday I counted 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes?
Wasn't it yesterday I realized my life had changed forever?
Wasn't it yesterday I held a baby to my breast and nursed for the first time?
Wasn't it yesterday I called the doctor in panic on our first night home with a baby because he would NOT stop crying?
Wasn't it yesterday I sang a lullaby to my own child for the first time?
Wasn't it yesterday as I watched my baby in the nursery window go through a heart ultrasound I knew a deeper pain than I had ever known because something might be wrong with my newborn baby's heart?(it was fine)
Wasn't it yesterday I discovered that your heart truly can be outside of your body?
Wasn't it yesterday that I truly discovered what love is?
Where does the time go?

Today I watched my son walk the steps of the stage as his teacher called his name. He walked with his head held high and confidence exuding from his being and shook his teacher's hand as he received his kindergarden diploma. Everyone in the audince giggled and said AWWWWW because he looks to tiny to be graduationg from kindergarden. I watched as he beamed with pride because his teacher said "good job, congratulations". I watched my son walk down those steps and take his place back in line and stand with respect and order as his other classmates received their diplomas. He searched the crowd and found my face and beamed. His eyes aglow with joy and pride. When he found mine and his father's faces in the crowd he knew he had found the people who loved him and were most proud of him and he glowed with joy. My son, my first born, my only son, how is it he can be going to first grade so soon. Seems like he just took his first steps. Here he is on the brink of another place in childhood. He stands at the door and will walk through with confidence and no fear. My son has perseverence and confidence and amazes me each day. Hannah watched with pride, calling out "that's my BRO BRO". (thankfully softly....LOL). His baby sister was pitching a tantrum in the lobby with daddy cause he would not let her crawl down the middle aisle, LOL. I never knew pride, true pride until I had children. This is not the type of pride that is bad, but a pride in what your child has done. A pride in what God has blessed you with. A pride that knows no bounds and is tempered with a love that is indescribable.
Yes, where does it go, time, it goes so fast, so very fast.


Shawna said...

I remember that all too well, Thelma...and doesn't deminish after the 1st time. I beamed and felt as if I might burst each time one of my boys walk up to get their diplomas: preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade promotion and highschool! It's an amazing feeling and you will enjoy each and evry time one of those precious children succeed and glow with their efforts and success!

Tinamtl said...

Enjoy watching the wonderful handsome intelligent young man - that he is becoming. Treasure the moments, but grow with him. Don't hold them back by wishing they stayed young forever. Grow with them. It just gets better and better.

Thelma said...

Thanks yall.....and you know I think that is one of the best parts of motherhood, watching them develop and seeing who and what they will become. I know all 3 of my kids and all of your kids have so much potential and possibility. And while part of me does want to hold on and not let go, the biggest part of me wants to see what will happen next, like the next part of the story unfolding. thanks yall.