Monday, April 7, 2014

Waiting for answers.

Things have been a bit busy and hectic lately, but our biggest concern is for Jenny.  2-3 weeks ago on March 22, Jenny bumped her knee on our steps.  She really didn't make much of a fuss about it. Cried a second or two and we went on with our day. The next day, a Sunday, she mentioned her knee hurt but she seemed fine. She'd played and danced in worship and we thought nothing of it. She asked Pastor Emily to pray for her which was done. On Monday, morning she said Mommy my knee still hurts. I looked and it was slightly puffy. I gave her Motrin and sent her to school.

That afternoon, I had cookies in the oven and let her brother pick her up from the bus stop. It is a couple blocks or so.  She came limping home, ice bag in hand and said Mommy my knee REALLY hurts. I pulled up her pants leg and got a HUGE shock. Her knee was easily 2.5 to 3 times the normal size. I put ice on it and called my husband. Took a picture and texted it to him. He was shocked as well.

When we get home we took her to the walk in clinic.  They did an xray and found nothing concerning and diagnosed her with bursitis.  They prescribed oral steroids and rest, elevation and ice.And had us put her in an immobilizer. They gave us a referral for an orthopedic doctor for April.   We followed the orders given and she missed school the rest of the week. By that Saturday her knee was back to normal and we were really having to work to keep her resting the leg. We sent a note to the school and asked she not be in PE for the week. 

All was well. Life was busy but that's just life. The van broke down and we are down to one car.  On this past Friday morning, Jenny woke up in pain and saying Mommy my knee hurts again.  I looked and it was a little swollen. She had tests to take, so we wrapped it and sent her to school.  I told her, call me if you need me. Take your tests and I can pick you up early. Soon after the school called and she was in major pain. By the time she came home it was back to the 3 times it's size status.  I put her in the recliner, gave her Advil and ice. I made her an appointment with her pediatrician and we went to see him. He also had her knee xrayed. Nothing showed on xrays. He has us put her back in the immobilizer.  Told us to keep the appointment on Monday and keep them posted. He was baffled. 

Her pain was escalating.  I called my husband and told him. He could here her crying in the background. He was trying to work out the we have one car aspect.  He was stranded at work. We then decided to pick him up and take her to the ER.  She was in horrible pain. The ER also xrayed her knee. Nothing, no break. They also did blood tests that showed nothing off.  They DID give her pain meds. That was a blessing to not see her in agony. So we have kept her off of it and medicated her as needed.  She is on crutches and in a better immobilizer.  We have no clue.  The doctor's office called this morning and changed her appointment from being with a Nurse practitioner to being with the doctor himself.  I just want answers.  Waiting for answers is hard when your child is hurting or not feeling well. This morning the pain is controlled but the swelling is still there and I think more into her thigh. She is VERY tired today.  She turned down a powdered donut for sleeping. 

So while I wait, I will pray.  While I wait, I will praise. God is in control and I pray we get answers today.  


Deborah Sewell said...

Praising the Lord for the peaceful faith I hear in your typing. Jenny is God's princess. He has plans for her. I know whatever this is about the Lord will use it for her good and to bring Himself glory! Praying for you all and the answers.