Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday....Ramblings from a Mommy brain

A friend of mine is doing a blog activity where she writes for five minutes. No editing and no  back tracking. So, I thought, what not give it a try. I am sure I will ramble and I may or may not be coherent. I am not sure my caffiene level is up to full capacity today. Now does that mean, I can't spell check. Surely, spell check is allowed. I do after all teach my children to always check their spelling. I think it just means you just put down what comes to mind and don't change the thoughts, at least that is what I am going with for now.

I am sitting here looking at my front window and there appears to be a wasp buzzing around inside. Now, I gotta get that critter outta here.  I hear him buzzing but don't see him at the moment. Well, it could be  a she or maybe wasps don't have a gender?  Who knows. I'll have to google that..eventually.

The wind is blowing, the birds are singing. The sun is shining. It is my favorite kind of day. I have a chicken in the oven, dinner is planned and my in-laws will be here for supper. They are buying a house close by and want us to take a gander at it. I pray the sell goes through. It would be of great benefit for all of us to have them near by.  Grandparents are a good thing in the lives of children.

The kids are due home just before (Chris) they are due to arrive and just after they girls arrive.  They(the kids) will be surprised.

So, 5 minutes went by fast and I am off to post this rambling.