Monday, April 21, 2014

Through the eyes of a child.....

I am going to attempt to do a new "project" and let the Father show me something through this project. He said we are to have faith like a child. So for the next, however long it takes or until I feel like God is done with me and this project I am going to attempt to take a picture a day as if viewed through the eyes of a child. Then I am going to see what God shows me through those pictures and post it here on my blog.

I am not sure what will be revealed or what God will show me, but I believe this was HIS idea that was dropped into my heart and mind.  I will start this project tomorrow.
........................I pray.........Lord lead me to what you want to show me. Help me see what you want me to see. Help me grow the way you want me to grow. Help me know what you want me to know and help me to be the me that you want me to be. Love well.....Me.