Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Raindrops are how Spring breathes

Spring time...it's raindrops and wind...hope and renewal. This plant that Jenny planted fascinates her. She loves this plant. She talks to it, sings to it and checks it every day. It is outgrowing the cup and we need to transplant it. I need to make sure I let God transplant me when I have outgrown the stage I am in. I don't need to hold on to the "bloom where I am planted" so hard that I miss out on God transplanting me to a bigger and better place.  He is the Master and He knows just how much wind to send, how much rain to send and how much sun for each plant to grow. It is the same with our spirits. He knows what we need to grow and where we will grow best. He knows the trials we face are for a reason. Like plants we need to submit to the Master's hand and let HIM grow us.

Raindrops it is how spring breathes because the rain brings new life and growth. Without being watered it will not survive.  Lord help me water my spirit with your Word. There is one difference between our spirits and a plant awaiting rain. We can't get too much of the watering of our souls by the Word. A plant can get too much rain and not survive. We on the other hand...the more we water our soul with the Word...the more and healthier we will grow.

I am sure someone may have come up with the phrase raindrops is how spring breathes but it dropped in my heart today...I don't think I have read that phrase any where before but nothing is new under the sun.  The fact that Spring lives and brings new life is something that will apply to my spirit. I want new growth, so I am saying Lord......Let it rain and let spring breathe into my spirit by the power of YOUR Word.