Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jesus is in the HOUSE

Jenny loves to play with her doll house and her faith based action figures. So here we are...Jesus in the house of the playhouse family.

I wish that we as adults had the faith our children do.  Jesus is a part of everything she does, plays and thinks about.  Jesus is her best friend. Many times I have overheard her talking to Him just like she does to me when she is going about her day.  One of her favorite things to do is to send Him a written letter via balloon mail. She watches it until it disappears into the clouds and then says, "Yep, He got it".  

I want Jesus to be a part of my house, both physically and spiritually. I want to invite Him into every thing I do.  Nothing is to small or too unimportant to invite Jesus in. Yet, that makes you think....what I am doing...would I invite Jesus to watch, do with me, see with me?  

My prayer is Jesus be with me in all I do. Help me to never leave You out of anything. I want You as part of my life, soul, heart, spirit than anything else.  Jesus you are ALWAYS welcome in my house.


Mary said...

That's so good, Thelma. I want Him to be a part of my every day life too. I think HE wants to be a part of it as well. Great job!

Thelma Strobl said...

thanks :)