Monday, April 7, 2014


I am thankful that the orthopedic doctor found the hairline fracture in Jenny's knee.
I am thankful it is just a fracture and not some of the things the ER doctor hinted it could be.
I am thankful that it is not a worse injury.
I am thankful that she is only 39 lbs, it makes lifting her in and out of the car and such a whole lot easier.
I am thankful that this evening she is in less pain.
I am thankful for a kind, caring staff at her school.
I am thankful that God is always in control.
I am thankful that my daughter can smile through tears and pain and trust her Lord to heal her.
I am thankful for a precious group of family and friends that show their love, support and prayers.
I am thankful...............just entirely and utterly THANKFUL