Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tales of a PreK princess (aka what mommy thinks a 4 year old brain says)

Hello out there in blog land.  I have taken over Mommy's blog for the moment.  It seems to me Mommy does not talk enough about Elmo and Barney and such.  Surely, if she did, more people would read her blog.  Oh and lest we forget, there are always, Bob and Larry and the Veggie tale gang.  Those are really cool topics. After all they teach you things in a fun way.  I know cause I have learned a lot.  Like take Cookie Monster, he is smart.  He uses letters he can eat.  That is one smart guy. I think all alphabet letters should be made out of cookies.

Some things I have learned by being 4.

Mommies do not give you snacks EVERY TIME you want them.  When this happened today I went and hid behind the chair. I know I am not supposed to pout.  Perhaps, if Mommy doesn't seem me pout, she will not know I am pouting. 

Storms and toe nadoes and such. Those things are NOT fun.  They are down right scary and tear up stuff. It is like the sky had a temper tantrum. I think God needs to give the sky and the rain a time out.  Cause if I acted like that, I would most definitely get a time out!.

Although, Daddies are great during storms. They are strong and mine bought me my very own flashlight. Which is cool by the way.  It is very bright and it is PINK and PURPLE!  What more could you ask for?

I do have to say Mommy, was lots of fun when we didn't have lights.  She took us to the park and we played outside and made up some fun games.  I don't want to admit it, so here is my secret.  It was more fun than TV! 

I will soon be 5.  I think perhaps, I should try and talk Mommy into celebrating my birthday everyday from now until July 8th. Cause 5 that is a big number and after all 5 year olds can go to Kindergarten.

And, while we are on the subject of kindergarten.  Why can't I start when I want?  I mean, seriously, I am ready, like now.  I am not trying to be ugly but I could so ace kindergarten, probably in a week and be ready for 1st grade. 

Oh and having a brother and sister is really  cool. Even if I do get upset with them sometimes. They are so smart.  They know how to read and my brother can even do math with BIG BIG numbers.  My sister talks to me at night and gives me advice on all sorts of things.  She is so smart.  And my big brother is so brave.  He even will knock a bug off the swing if I need him too. That is Sooooooooooooooooo Brave!

I have been thinking lately, that vegetables are over-rated.  Then Mommy tricked me.  She put veggies in our tacos and it was so good.  I saw her do it and I doubted it. But when I tasted that...oh it was the best ever!  So maybe, I will try those vegetables sometimes.

I think I want to be a cowgirl and a teacher and a mommy when I grow up.  I can ride my babies to school on my horse and say giddy up a lot.  Then I will teach kids about a,b,c's and things.

I know lots of things.  Like that those caterpillar things laid eggs on a leaf and I wonder if they will come out.  Although, please don't laugh, at first I thought it was little chicken and it had laid eggs.  Because I really didn't know so many other things laid eggs besides chickens.  I told Mommy the chicken was going to be mad at us cause we moved the leaf so that the eggs wouldn't be stepped on. Mommy explained it to me.  But I was hoping for tiny baby chickens. I guess we will get caterpillars instead.  Maybe they will turn into butterflies.

Mommy used to write about things she thought I might think when I was a baby.  I thought she needed some input and to do this again. After all, as a 4 year old, I know so much more than I did then. 

Well, that is all for now from this 4 year old brain...I might pop back in sometime and post something else, when mommy isn't looking ;o).  Oh and what is it with these smilie things, you have to hold you head to the side to see it wink. Grownups can be so silly.