Monday, May 9, 2011

Love in words

I know that I posted about this on facebook, so those that are on my facebook may see this as a rerun. However, this is a bloggable moment.

Today my 4 year old, Jenny Grace said"

 "your are a good Mommy. A good Mommy knows best,not like on Tangled where the bad mommy said she knows best. Only a good mommy knows best. You are a good Mommy"
I am floored...we watched tangled like 3 weeks ago and this is what she got from it. And I am blessed to be in her mind, a good mommy.

It is in these moments, we as parents know we are doing something right.  There are lots of thankless tasks when we parent. However, in just moments and a few words, we get paid beyond what any monetary value could ever be given. 

This also shows me how our children see us. They are more, like we should be.  They do not see all our faults and issues. They just see us as their Mommy or Daddy.  They see us more like God sees us.  They love us unconditionally.  Unconditional love, agape love, it has many names. It is a love that goes deep into the soul and spirit. This is how we should love others.  This is how we should see others. Through, the eyes of a child and through the eyes of Jesus.

Jesus said unless we come as a little child, this means, the faith and love a child has. It is  pure and undefiled.

We as adults have hangups and issues that get in the way of this type of love or view point.  Children see us as their heroes and heroines.  I pray that I will always be that in my children's eyes.  I pray that the mistakes I do make, they can see beyond and that those mistakes will be tempered with the grace and mercy of God because of love. 

It makes me realize how we must be diligent about the way our kids see us. We are their examples, primary examples to the love of the Father.

Lord, help me to live up to my daughter's words.


Rebekah said...

Out of the mouths of babes....

I pray I'll be a 'good mommy' too.

My mom's pastor once said that all of us make enough parenting mistakes to really mess up our kids. It's by God's grace that they turn out well. I am so thankful for grace! God is so kind to His people.

Thelma said...

Me too oh me too how thankful I am for His grace...that is the ONLY way I make it through each day.