Monday, May 2, 2011

Resting by the creek...after being sheltered from the storm.

I took the above photo in the power outage days after last week's devastating tornadoes.  Parts of our area were demolished and obliterated.  We were sheltered from the storm by the mighty hand of God as a tornado screamed over our neighborhood.  A neighbor saw it scream by and told us about it later.  It is not lost on me, just how grateful we should be. Countless people lost lives, homes, possessions.  Some of those things were priceless.  Family pictures, childhood momentos and the list goes on.  Yet, most people I have heard, regardless of what they lost have declared God as faithful.  Many are resting on the promises of God.  Those that do not have that comfort, surely, must have such heavy hearts. I pray someone, will be put in  their pathway to show them the answers.

I took the kids to a local park to get away from the house while we had no power.  At that park is a creek.  The kids wanted to play in it. I was not equipped, nor had I planned for this.  However, I realized the sheer joy of resting by the flowing creek, with their feet in the water, the terrors of the storm were in a way, being washed away.  Childhood innocence spoke to me, of us resting in the Savior's love. 

It reminds me that there is a river...that flows.  A river that cleanses us from all our sins. We need to rest in the Saviors love.  Even when life throws us storms.....whether we have to go through it or He speaks peace be still...He is there.

During the height of the storms, we huddled in our safe place, power out and sang praises to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We chased fear with praise to the One who holds us in His hands. 

He is our shelter and in Him I rest.  Whether it be a tornado or the storms of life; I rest in the river that is His love.  He holds us safely.  His promises are yes and amen. Though we may not understand it all, our God is sovereign. He never lets us down. 

We need to be like children and take the storms we have faced and find the cool brook to rest our feet in.  In doing that we have hope that tomorrow will be a  better day.  The brook keeps flowing and carries away debris and heartache.  Will there be hard days or maybe even some scary memories, sure there will. However, resting in  the Savior there is healing and restoration.

So find you a quiet place, pull out your Bible,  the Word of Life and rest in the stream of His promises.  He will never fail you. 


Caitlin Watkins said...

Beautifully said Thelma. Just beautiful ;)

Thelma said...

awwwww thank you.