Saturday, May 14, 2011

Childhood magic

All it takes is a warm afternoon, some colorful bubbles...
Add in some giggles and grins and you get magic.

Watching life through their eyes is seeing wonder and amazement

even in the simplest things.

Their eyes fill with wonder and joy at almost anything and everything
They love to talk to you and share their hopes and dreams.

Dreams of being like Mommy or Daddy
or like Christopher, one day, to preach the Word of God
and tell people that don't know Jesus, the truth of WHO Jesus is and how much
He loves them.

Hearing their laughter makes me think of the Father..
He loves to hear our voice just as our heart leaps in joy
at the sound of our children's laughter. 
The Heavenly Father's heart leaps in joy when we simply call out His name.
Abba Father, How I love you and know that you love me, more than
the I can even imagine.

Our Father in heaven feels as great a joy in watching over us, more in fact
than we have in seeing our kids faces light up, just because we took time
to play with them.
Or we let them get messy
or we let them pretend to be us, for a few moments.

Our Father in heaven adores us.
I adore my Father too.
He is a loving Father.
He is a Daddy to His children.
He loves us.