Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update on Miya

The little girl I keep with Alagille's syndrome (sp? I never get it right). She has gained weight and is almost 20 lbs...the requirement for transplant. Some days she has really good days...others not so much. She does however seem to me be having more troubles than when I first started keeping her 6-7 months ago. Her eyes are deeper yellow. Her itching is worse, so bad she claws herself to the point of bleeding at times. She will scratch at her tummy where her Mickey is until she bleeds. Her personality is bubbly but some days she doesn't have the energy.

She is talking more and walking now. I wish I could make her comfortable. She and I are closely bonded and my kids adore her. Her breathing is often watery sounding and rapid. She is hanging in there...the little angel wears boxing gloves cause she is a fighter.


Hope said...

Just breaks my heart.

She is so beautiful!

Praying for her!

Thelma said...

thank you!

Burkulater said...

She is so pretty. It's so hard to watch children in pain. I'll pray for you!