Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transformed Testimony 2009

Last year, I went to the Refreshing Women's Conference and that is exactly what happened. I was refreshed. My weariness was lifted. This year I arrived at the conference expecting great and mighty things as well. The first meeting I was tired, and weary and God did the refreshing part immediately. But He wasn't done yet. This is NOT what He brought ME to the conference for. I watched as my mother was gloriously blessed by God. I heard her laugh and smile and glow from a sheer and utter joy I have not seen in years. I watched as she saw visions and talked with the Lord in such an intimate way that all those witnessing the transformation taking place were blessed. I watched as she laid things down at the Savior's feet and as she laid them down, I watched as she received gifts from Him. Only she and her Lord know what but it was beautiful. However, this was not WHY I was at the conference.
I came to the conference and HE truly transformed me. There is something new within my soul. Something new within my spirit that I cannot even put into words. We talked about the butterfly during the conference, how the caterpillar goes into his cocoon and is transformed into a butterfly. But when you look at that caterpillar he is busy doing his caterpillar things. He is preparing to be cocooned, to be transformed. But his sight is limited. He can only see at ground level, or in the most from the top of the leaf he happens to be devouring. But the caterpillar has some issues. He is busy, he is doing what he was created to do, but too often what he is doing is destroying the plant he is living on. He is not destroying the plant intentionally but because he hasn't been transformed, he is limited. He is earth bound. But when he goes into his cocoon, changes take place and he begins a metamorphosis that will change HIS WORLD When he emerges, he is no longer earth bound, and he can see things and places beyond anything he can ever imagine.
When the Holy Spirit of God transforms us. We are no longer earth bound in the spirit. Our eyes are opened to a greater distance than ever before. We are free to soar to heights in God we could only dream of. We are free to be bold and do things in God we never did before. We are free to fly to find something besides leaves to eat. We can fly and find the vine, and take from the nectar of the fruits produced by THE VINE. We are free to spread beauty. And there is one more thing I have to say....a caterpillar once it becomes a butterfly.....it cannot be a caterpillar AGAIN! It is changed. What would happen if you took the wings off of a butterfly? It would be destroyed. But when a butterfly comes out of its cocoon it is irrevocably changed. When true transformation takes places lives are changed, hearts are changed, families are changed our world is changed. When the Holy Spirit of our Lord moves in and we are transformed we are irrevocably changed. NOTHING I said NOTHING can remove us from Him. Does it mean life will be easy....no it means we are equipped to soar above what the enemy has thrown at us. It means we have waited upon the Lord and He has renewed our strength and He has helped us SOAR. It means that every time we get tired, we have learned that waiting in His presence gives us what we need. When we are transformed......we are no longer satisfied to sit by and live off of leaves......we want the nectar of what the Holy Spirit has to offer. What we ladies received at this conference was transformation for such a time as this because the fields are white unto harvest.....and we are READY.......to labor.


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What a beautiful account of your time there :-)

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God is so good.