Monday, August 3, 2009


At least I think I am. We had a good vacation, although our plans were drastically changed due to Jennifer getting sick just before vacation with tummy virus and then croup and an ear infection. We ended up going much closer to home and doing a vacation and some staycation. She has not been eating well since her illness. We are hoping she gets back to normal soon.

Now after reading some things recently on Facebook and CafeMom I am trying to make some decisions. I don't often post pictures of my kids but I do post some. I enjoy posting pictures but seems like people can easily steal photos and use them for scams and other activities those pictures were never meant to be used for. Where is the balance of trusting God but using wisdom?

There is a case where a mom found out her child's photo was used in an internet adoption scam without her knowledge. That freaks me out. Someone used a photo of her child from her blog to say this little boy was for adoption, made up fictious story etc and extorted money. So....What should one do? Should one live in fear of the what if's or should one post pics here and there but far away or side shots etc.

So tell my blogger readers what would you or do you do?


Hope said...

My situation is a bit different (since I can't post pics of Simmy), but I do occasionally post pics of myself, Silas and dh.

Yes, there is a small chance that someone could use them for something bad, but it's pretty few and far between.

But it's something you have to decide for yourself and your family.

Jennifer said...

I don't post pictures of the kids often not out of fear but from the fact they are normaly outside playing and look dirty LOL.

I choose not to live in fear.It is a photo. Yes there are weirdos out there but people should not be beliving every little thing they read on the internet. I think as long as your children are fully clothed and you are not handing out your address with the pictures it is perfectly safe. JMHO

Thelma said...

Thanks y'all for bringing clarity to my sleep deprived brain. LOL. I was so sleep deprived yesterday things seemed a lot different...LOL. Sleep brings clarity and the ability to think...LOL

Burkulater said...

I usually leave mine out. I'm always freaked out!