Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sniff Sniff Sniff

tears leak into my heart because my babies are growing up too fast. Hannah started K today......and while I am so happy it is still bitter sweet. She was so happy and full of excitement in telling me about her partial day. They do not go full time until Friday. I have to remember to take my camera and get their pictures as they get on the bus.

I will post first day of school pictures later.

But I know my baby will still need me when the monsters hide under the bed.
She will still need me to kiss away boo boos and put a cool cloth on her fevered head.
My baby will still need me to hold her hand to cross the street or cut up her meat. My baby still needs me to hug her tight and prayers to help her sleep at night.
My baby still needs me to teach and guide her and I will gladly be there for every moment.

I love being a Mom.

The First Day of Kindergarten
I used to be so little, but not anymore,
Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
I'm going to Kindergarten-it's the first time for me.
It's great to be big, but I'm scared as can be.
My tummy's in knots. You want to know why?
I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe I'll cry.
When Mom leaves the school and I'm there alone,
I'm thinking that maybe I'll want to go home.
But wait - Mommy said I'll play lots of games,
And meet lots of friends - I can learn all their names.
The first day of Kindergarten, oh there's so much to do!
There's painting and books and a big playground too!
I used to be little, but not anymore.
Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
I'm going to Kindergarten - it's my first day, you see.
It's great to be big! I'm so glad that I'm me.
Author Unknown

Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten my sweet girl. Mommy loves you. I am so proud of you. You are precious. Love Mommy


Hope said...

Awwww! Getting so big!

Thelma said...

Thanks. Today she let me know she didn't need Mommy to walk her to class in her on little way. She wasn't trying to be mean just independent.....sigh...and LOL.

Burkulater said...

Our first day is after labor day. I'm already stressing. It's torturous to think about. I hope it's going well!

Thelma said...

They LOVE It......they are doing awesome and so is Mommy..LOL.