Friday, August 28, 2009

How I love him...let me count the ways

I don't tell my husband, Mike, often enough how much I love him for the following reasons:

  1. He is a man who tries to follow God all of his days, just like me, he has imperfections. He makes mistakes just like we all do.
  2. He adores me and treats me like his queen. He doesn't mind jumping in to help me when I am overwhelmed or just with daily tasks.
  3. He is a good Daddy and has shown so much growth over the years as a father. He doesn't mind playing or being silly. He doesn't mind changing diapers (well he didn't..they are all potty trained now).
  4. He is a hard worker and never lazy, does his best to provide for our family in this economy.
  5. He has a passion for the gospel and sharing the gospel with others.
  6. He does his best to live what he preaches.
  7. He is cute.
  8. He has a cute butt (yep, I said it but I am supposed to think that).
  9. He has the deepest brown eyes in all the world. I still get lost in them.
  10. He has the best hugs and kisses.
  11. He is warm and cuddly and his arms feel safe.
  12. He understands me.
  13. He can make me laugh when no one else can.
  14. He puts up with my moods.
  15. He wants to improve and grow in the Lord.
  16. When he makes mistakes he admits it and tries to correct it.
  17. He cares about others and has compassion for his fellow man.
  18. He encourages his children.
  19. He helps me get the kids ready for each day.
  20. He gives the BEST back rubs in the world.
  21. He has character and integrity.
  22. He is a very good preacher. I enjoy his sermons and am challenged by them.
  23. He treats his parents and my parents with respect.
  24. He is a God seeker.
  25. He is my beloved husband and I could go on but the list would be so long. I love him just because God made him Mike and God gave him to me for a reason. I respect and honor him. I love my husband.