Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me that is frustrated because Christopher is home sick and most likely needs a doctor's note because he has missed so much school this year due to asthma. However this illness is not sufficiently ill enough to warrant a doctor visit. I called the office to see if they can write me a note based on my word due to his history. The front desk person was a bit snotty but is having the nurse call me. I don't have the money to take my son to the doctor to hear "he has a viral illness" just keep doing what you are doing". ARRRGGGH

It is not me who wants the school board to realize there are some children out their with medical issues that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to have "perfect attendance".

It is not me who thinks "having perfect attendance" does not always = perfect grades.

It is not me who thinks it is unfair that my legitimately ILL child will NEVER get rewards like bikes and trips and ipods because he does not have PERFECT ATTENDANCE although he DOES have perfect GRADES! It is not me who thinks they should reward academics and not just attendance. Just cause a child's bottom warms the seat does not mean he/she is learning!

It is not me who needs a NAP because she did not get much sleep last night. No I always get the sleep I need.

It is not me who thinks that there are some people in her life who need to learn to do things for themselves instead of expecting others to do it or taking it for granted that I will do it for them.

It is not me who sometimes has trouble with just letting go and letting God do it.

It is not me who wants to crawl in the bed and have a good cry even though it seems my issues today are relatively small in comparison to some of the happenings in the world around me.

It is not me who is tired of hearing about OctoMom and thinking none of us would stand up to such scrutiny if our parenting was called into question or every decision we ever made was called into questioning.

It is not me who wishes I could just do take out for the rest of the forseeable future.....cause I am tired.

It is not me who needs to do exercise but keeps finding excuses NOT do it.

It is most who wishes she could have a romantic weekend ALONE with her hubby cause after all our kids should always be first.......

Calgon take me somewhere warm, with sand and ocean waves...


JULiE said...

Sorry to hear about the school system. I can imagine that it's so hard to deal with. I wish that everyone had perfectly wonderful health, but they do not.

May God bless you.

Thelma said...

Thanks Julie....I was able to be allowed 5 more parent notes.......PRAISE GOD! And since he has to be fever free for 24 hours.......he stayed home today as he cropped a low grade fever yesterday afternoon.....but is fever free this it is back to school with a Mommy Note in hand tomorrow!

Burkulater said...

You DO need a break babycakes! It's exhausting having sick children. It makes me want my mom! Don't worry about the're doing the right thing.

Thelma said...

thanks so much.......and all I know is that somedays I know that if I did not have my LORD....I'd be NUTS.....because now the baby has conjuntivities..and I have to hold down my 2 year old every 3 hours to put in eye drops......but this too shall pass and He gives me just enough grace to get through.......may His praises be sung......because He sustains me....even when I have only had a couple hours sleep......LOL.