Friday, March 6, 2009

Mommy 4 Sale and a Pet Rock

Apparently according to my dear 2 year old daughter I am for sale. My t-shirt has the words REFRESHING on it...she got up in my lap and said "It says you for sale mommy".

Me" I am for sale?

Jennifer: Yup you for sell

Me: Why are you going to sell me?

Jennifer: Just cause

Me: What am I for sale for?

Jennifer: Chocolate!

So apparently my price is chocolate......she does love chocolate......oh what a sad, sad world in which a child sells her mommy for chocolate.....LOL LOL.

She also has developed a love for this rock. She has named her rock Tim and we had to draw a face on it. Yesterday, she gave Tim a drink of her brother's sprite...just plopped that rock right into the sprite. Unknown to me, she slept with Tim last night and he is going everywhere with her. She even took him to the potty with her this morning and "Tim held her hand". Here is our conversation about Tim

Interview with a Rock lover:

Me: What does Tim like to eat?

Jennifer: Poptarts

Me: What does he like to drink?

Jennifer: Milk

Me: What does Tim like to do

Jennifer: Play ball with 2 things (what two things I have no idea)

Me: What else does he like to do?

Jennifer: Go shopping.

Me: What does he buy

Jennifer: Candy...chocolate candy.

so apparently Tim would sell me for chocolate too. Tim also apparently likes baby lotion and to wear shirts and pants.

I need to get a picture of her with Tim but in the mean is a picture of my little business mogul who would sell her Mommy for chocolate.


Amy said...

She is adorable! So sweet! And apparently she's got a really good imagination!

Thelma said...

thank you...and yes her imagination is unstoppable...LOL. She keeps me laughing and guessing..LOL