Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not me monday fiasco/Not me Wednesday version

I had written a whole not me Monday...this week while my computer is my word program and saved it as Not Me Monday....but apparently I was more sleep deprived than I thought cause it is the exact same as the post I wrote for kneeling in the gap.

I do not remember saving it over the other and wrote the Not Me Monday AFTER the kneeling in the gap article. So I have no idea what happened....

it is most definitely not me that would do I am soooooooo computer savy......

it is not me who is frustrated with lots of things today......including the fact I can not get to the pharmacy to pick up Christopher's meds for many reasons that don't even make sense.

It is not me that wishes I did NOT have the nursery tonight cause surely I have no reason to be tired.

It is not me...who lost.....somehow the little boy I keeps diaper wipes......I have looked EVERYWHERE....and I can't find them.

It is not me who has wasted this week of spring break and done nothing "fun" with my kids except color on coffee filters and turn it into "tie dye" with sprayed water.

It is not me who is behind on my Bible Study homework.

It is not me....who wants to eat a boat load of Aussie cheese fries smothered in dipping sauce ( can't afford it so will not do it)...that would taste so good.

It is not me who is also craving lots of fattening mexican food...cheese enchiladas, burritos...tacos......hmmmm wonder if I am stressed cause all I want to do is eat......I am resisting the temptation at the moment to eat my self into a coma.....LOL.

It is not me who feels shallow and silly for posting that last not me statement.......but knows we all have our weaknesses...LOL....

It is not me who dropped a stroller...double one at that on her leg and has HUGE bruises that makes it look like someone beat me on that bruise is quite swollen...but it is not me who dropped it in the first place...cause it is not me who is a clutz.

It is not me who held my precious son in her arms today while he sobbed his eyes out over his Opa....and felt helpless and out of her league on how to handle the situation (thanks Heather for the advice)..but we did pray and talk and hopefully
that resolved some stuff

It is not me.....who is waiting for Jennifer to get up from her nap and is resisting the temptation to wake her just to get a I am feeling the need to hold my kids closer than ever.

It is not me.......who needs to give the kids a bath but will have to put it off on Daddy as I have to work in the church nursery tonight.....unless of course I can squeeze it in between baby I keep's pick up time and dinner fixing......

It is not me who just sat on my leg long enough while writing this post until it fell asleep and now it feels like a block of wood.

But IT IS me who is resting in the promises of God and waiting for a miracle on many fronts......I am at a place......I just need God to me His mighty hand and resolve some things that are so utterly out of my hands it is unbelievable. BUT MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.....and I am waiting and trusting God for it all.