Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mommy, Hannah and Jennifer's NOT so excellent adventure

Today my mom, my nephew, the girls and I ventured out on a trip to Target and the grocery store. This is my first week of having wheels of my own. My inlaws have given my darling husband a car. So, I thought I would go to the grocery store and get out. My mom needed to go there and to Target as well. We decided to go to Target first so we could pick up groceries afterwards. My mom did her shopping which including an outfit for the children. My nephew was singing at at the top of his 5 year old lungs (although I had warned him more than once to use and inside voice) "If you love Jesus clap your hands, If you love Jesus clap your hands, na na na na na na, Sock it to the devil now"........LOL. He did finally quiet down. Jennifer was telling us all about the things she saw and Hannah was being rather quiet. We get to the cash register and were standing there minding our own business when I hear Hannah, make a cough choke sound. I turn around to the ERUPTION...! Yep, puke EVERYWHERE! Now she was sitting in the seat that faces the cart where the baby was sitting. It is a 3 seater shopping cart. I mean she is puking and puking and puking. I run to get some napkins from the deli which we happened to be across from. People are staring in horror of course. And I am catching and mopping up mess. Douglas is sitting next to Hannah and going ewwwwwwwwwww gross. Jennifer is going "ewwwwwwww" and then she starts gagging after giving her sister the "HOW DARE YOU PUKE ON ME" look. LOL. So she finally stops, and I get her partially cleaned up and book it to the bathroom. I take the kids still strapped in to the grocery cart into the bathroom. Of course that brings a sales associate on the run....LOL. But when she found out why...she was helpful and supportive. Very sympathetic. My mom then comes in with the clothes she had just purchased and we change Hannah after bathing her with the paper towels. I also must mention it was in MY SHOE! We have no choice but to go to the grocery store. So off we go to the grocery store and I pray that she doesn't puke again. Thankfully we made it home with no more puking. But my nephew was horrid in the grocery store, guess he didn't get enough attention while my dd was puking her guts out. IN any case, Hannah is now napping and the clothes are in the washer.......and as for the shoes.....I cleaned them the best I could. The Target people were very helpful and nice. I also told them NOT to use that cart until it was cleaned. Apparently this is a rare occurence as most people will just leave it puke covered for the next customer. But my conscience would NOT let me to that. I cleaned it up the best I could and then told them about it. They were quite thankful.......LOL. So that was our morning..........needless to say our preschool activity of the day was how to clean up and avoid spreading germs.......LOL.