Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Been rough around our house lately

First, Hannah's puking problem came back with an utter venganc with bad poops to go with it. She ended up in ER on Monday for 5 hours being rehydrated. Then on Monday evening, Christopher had a rash and wasn't feeling well but no fever. So I sent him to school the next day, still no fever but with a rash. Little did I know, what was coming. I got a call to come and get him cause he wasn't feeling well. So I took him to the doctor because the rash was worse. Ends up he has Scarlet Fever! He never had fever, complained of a sore throat(it is caused by the virus that causes strep). When they tested him for strep in the office via throat swap INSTANT positive. So he is home until Friday. To go with scarlet fever is massive abdominal pain in some children. Yep, he was in agony last night. And that was just the stuff this week. Inlaws were here last week and the list goes on. This afternoon the baby is congested and cranky, VERY cranky. I so hope she is not coming down with something. Every time I think I am going to get on and get caught up things go crazy. So that is the scoop.......sigh.