Thursday, April 24, 2008

Counting the Cost

I filled up my tank on the van yesterday. Mike usually fills the tank. I could afford to put $20 in, that bought me a whopping 5 gallons of gas! SHOCKING! As fuel rises, so does the cost of good. Food, clothing, even simple things like rice and flour are rising dramatically. As families face a growing inflation rate and a higher cost of living, you see stories that break your heart. One man was interviewed in our area and chose to remain anonymous with no shot of his face. He sells the plasma from his blood just so he can buy fuel to get to work, so he can support his family. Families who make miniumum wage must choose whether to feed their families or buy fuel. Some families lose jobs simply because they do not have the money to buy fuel. Who is counting the cost? It surely is NOT the government. I don't even know the ethical ramifications of it, but couldn't a cap be put on the cost? Is that right or is that wrong? I am unsure but I do know, we have had to choose to cut back on buying groceries in order to buy fuel. We are working to make what we have stretch. I have even resorted to adding more water to juice and milk to make it stretch. I have cut back on soft drinks for myself and stretch my morning coffee. I have even gone without eating as much as I normally need in order to make the groceries stretch, and we in comparison to some, have it good. So when you count the cost, who is really paying? Who is benefiting? Well the average American surely is not benefiting. However, oil companies, fuel manufacturers and even the government get richer. Politicians brag about how much money they have raised. Into the millions they raise for their campaigns while people are on the street with no place to live, not enough food and no money to buy fuel to get them to work. Why do the campaigns have to cost so much money? Can they not cut costs and use what they save to help the people in America who they want to vote? It makes no sense to me. Counting the cost, seems to me all the cost is on the people and none rests with the government. I know a family who have an infant and a kindergartner, they are barely able to stay in their home and fear any day they will lose it. They are not wasting money but they have to live, eat and work. Then add in the cost of the emotional turmoil of not having enough for you family and the cost is desperately high. I have seen this mother cry because she can't afford to buy her baby new socks and shoes. My heart breaks but I am helpless because I can't even afford to give her help. I would love to just put some products on her door step and her not know it was me and her find it. But guess what, I can't afford it. The cost even effects how we can help others. What a world we live in when the cost of just existing costs to much to even help your fellow man. So, in counting the cost, I pray God will some how help me help them.