Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just rambling

We have all been under the weather again.....well mostly me but now all is pretty much well, besides the fact the baby has icky poops that I will not go into. I have started a homeschool blog in hopes it will help me be more motivated to work more with Hannah on her preschool type stuff.

Life is beyond busy and I rarely get to check in on my own blog much less my favorite blogs. Hopefully things will slow down a bit, soon, and I can come up with a workable schedule to make things flow more smoothly. I am getting on top of household tasks......so that is a relief. So hopefully, once I get that all settled and a workable routine things will get back to normal. Our routine has been messed up for a while now, but hopefully that is on the mend.

Hannah is currently trying to avoid clean up time by suddenly having to go potty. Jennifer is systematically taking out things we have already put away. So I must intervene and attempt to make clean up time part of a learning/play activity. Well, it is worth a try.