Monday, April 28, 2008

He ATE STRAWBERRIES! and other mommy rambles

My little boy ate STRAWBERRIES! For those of you who don't know, my son has oral sensory issues and eats very few foods. Today, our Children's pastor and his wife took him out for the afternoon. He is going to work with us to try and deal with Christopher's fear of foods and trying new things. Now in the past, Christopher did eat strawberries but got to where those were on the boycott list as well. They took him to get a Christopher safe burger(he has deadly food allergies) and then to their farm. They ate strawberries, fed the goats and my son rode on a horse. He came back lit up like the sunshine. It did him so much good. God is good to put these people in our lives. Christopher's battle against his fears where food are concerned is ongoing, but days like this gives me hope. My tiny, petite son will one day eat like other kids. The fear of having to get a feeding tube put in, fades when he has days like this. We stay just ahead of the cut off zone on weight gain/loss to avoid the feeding tube. Yet at every dr appointment I fear the doctor will suggest it. So I celebrate the little moments. His face was alight with joy. He was so proud of himself.

Hannah is ever my princess but lately with ATTITUDE, sigh. Is she 4 or fourteen? She begs for makeup. Yet she makes me smile when she says "Mommy I want to be just like you". Right now the count of babies she wants when she grows up is 7. I say go for it sweetie. If I could have had as many as I wanted, we would still be having babies. Breaks my heart sometimes that those changes of pregnancy are gone with my tubal. But I know God lets things happen for a reason. Okay back to Hannah. She is such the little mommy to her sister and so bossy but at the same time, so cute. She loves her sister feriously. She protects her with a passion. Seeing the growing bond of sisterhood, thrills my soul.

Jennifer, where do I begin. She is well, her own little person. She is very close to potty training. If a couple more steps would click, she would be done. She is so verbal that she shocks me. She is smart beyond words and I think I am in trouble. She was trying to count today but getting thrown off by her sister. She knows the color blue quite well, which we discovered in church on Sunday, when they displayed a video and she yelled for all to hear "BLUE BLUE BLUE" after having uttered during a very quiet moment just as the presentation started WOW! Everyone giggled. She also is singing.....really singing songs with the choir. She may not know the words but she sings with her head throne back, mouth wide open and pretty good melody for a 21 month old. She sings with gusto too!

My heart is full, my joy knows no bounds because my children are such blessings.

My husband and I are hoping to find a house soon and end the drudgery of aparatment living. I can't imagine what it will be like to have a backyard for my children to romp and play in. I wonder if my son could get out and play more and get dirty and hungry if his appetite would increase.

I am a blessed, blessed woman. God is faithful and I am thankful for what He is doing even when I cant see the answer. I do not know when my son will be healed of his issues but I believe he will be. I believe one day he will have no asthma, no sensory issues, no deadly allergies. I hang onto that faith and it is moments like today I gain the most hope.


Shawna said...

Yeah Christopher! I pray he continues to venture out and try foods.

Thelma, have I ever shared this link with you... although you are not working outside of the home (as I was not when I found this site) it is still rather helpful

Thelma said...

thanks Shawna......I will check it out.......

Christopher is a work in progress....good days and bad but every step forward is a step.....albeit baby steps