Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Preschool Sermons

Today I have Douglas (Theresa's little one) and he and Hannah decided they wanted to be preachers and took turns preaching. I took notes.

Hannah's Sermon: The Bible says you should cook and sing and not do preschool but read stories. Jesus wants us to come to heaven and help Mrs. Margret be better. He wants us to be good to our families (she named everyone...I shortened it for space sake). And the last thing.......turn you page to this....Bad spank em and have an ascussion with em and .........turn your page to this..........bad guys should say sorry and not be bad ANY MORE! Let us sing .

Dougie's Sermon: We pray 1st Dear God help us not do anything bad and be good amen. Turn your page and open your Bible to this. People should not throw any tantrums and clean up when they are told. I think we CAN do it. Jesus does not like us to do naughty things and loves us. And Jesus wants us to help people. And wants us to go to heaven. And Jesus Kicks the devil out.

Oh my word, I had to keep a straight they are singing again and are going to play mommy and daddy and babies........this should be rich........cause Hannah just said I am going to get a baby in my tummy, walked up to Dougie with a doll, held up her shirt and said "OH Dougie can you put this baby in.....I told them to play like their babies were already born..............I do NOT need them playing they are putting babies in each other's tummies.


Mommy Reg said...

Oh my goodness how did you not burst into uncontrollable giggles? That is so precious and so cute. I love hearing kids tell what they know like that.

Thelma said...

It made my day.......LOL. Of course one day they are not going to like that I shared it on the world wide web..........LOL LOL LOL

I saved a copy for my sister so she can put it with Dougie's keepsakes.........LOL