Monday, January 14, 2008

and the day goes on

I made the girls a home designed lunchable with ham, crackers and cheese. The loved it. Then we had play time. I have to do my devotional time after I get them all to bed in a few minutes, there just has not been a chance because the baby has been crabby. My Mom and nephew came over and Hannah and Dougie played all sorts of pretend games. Jennifer played her own little games and hung on Mommy or Nanny half the time. Picked up Christopher from the bus, did homework, dinner etc. Now I have Jennifer in bed and the other two are going momentarily. Mike is at his 2nd job and I MISS him already. So as soon as they get in bed I will have my Mommy time with the Lord. I did get some accomplised but not all I wanted.

I am on a quest to find affordable healthy meals. I am trying to cut the fat, increase veggies and fruits in our diet. The cost of fresh fruit and veggies have goine up astronomically but I am determined for our family to eat healthy. Half our meal tonight was veggies instead of the usual 1/4. I am also going to do research for grocery co ops, you know where you can do volunteer work and then pay a low price for a bundle of groceries that include lots of things. I know that have it in several states I figure I just have to find it in my area. Usually that not only saves money but it also has pretty healthy choices in the bundle. Time will tell.

Today has been a good day. I have had my moments of frustration and aggravation and have had to fight snapping at the children, but while not perfect I have done pretty good. I am a work in progress. So I know I have done what I can today and God has blessed another day. There are still needs and worries God has to take care of because without Him there is no answer, but God will have to work that out. Worrying about it will not help me. So I leave it in the hands of my Lord and ask Him to carry my burdens......cause He is better at it.


Mommy Reg said...

I hope you can get some sleep tonight. :)
A few things I do to make sure there is more produce on the plate are, to add veggies to the side dish (pasta, rice...) and when affordable, add a salad. Also, in order to save some money on veggies, I buy fresh if it is on sale otherwise my freezer is always stocked with frozen veggies of every style. I add chopped frozen spinach to my eggs when I scramble them for breakfast too. I put the spinach in first to thaw it out a bit then add the egg and scramble it all up. Also adding salsa to eggs is a great healthy way to add veggies. I understand your frustration though with the cost, it is getting increasingly more expensive to feed a family a healthy diet. During the summer, if you have any area to (even a small 2 by 2 patch of dirt will suffice) you can grow a few of your own veggies. I do that and that helps out a lot during the summer. Good luck.

Thelma said...

thank you and I plan to get some planters in the spring to but on our back patio since we live in an apartment.......and plant some things......your ideas really help......thanks