Monday, January 21, 2008

colds, sniffles, upset tummies and Mommy Duty

The girls both have colds and the sniffles which make them quite crabby and cantankerous. Christopher woke up this morning, tossing his cookies, uhmm, for the sake of those with weak stomachs, poopie issues, and complaining of severe abdominal pain and back pain. So I took him to the doctor. At the doctor, the expected a child who had been puking all morning to pee in a cup. Well they sent me in the bathroom with my 7 year old, who thinks he is to big for mommy to see his private area to get a sample. To add insult to his humiliation, he had already messed up 3 sets of clothes and needed new underpants before we left for the doctor. Now, I had to wipe him with a special aneseptic cloth before collecting the pee. So I dab and swab and he has this look, like what in HECK are you doing. I explained as we went along but still he was so embarrassed. Finally, he squeezed all of about 8 drops and even shook it to try and get more out, which I had to fight to keep from laughing cause as sad as it was, it WAS funny. He was quite serious about it. Anyway, to make a long story a little bit shorter, they had to send a cup home with us to try and collect enough for a sample. It took all day! Finally, my husband arrived home to save the day. He came home to bring the stop the poopie medicine and Christopher was able to provide the much needed sample for Daddy. After all, he is a boy and that is a Daddy's job. So alast, Mommy Duty apparently has its limits. I can clean up puke and poop and other such stuff but apparently is not in the job description for Mommy to collect urine in a cup from a 7 year old boy. We still don't know if he has a UTI, hopefully we will know tomorrow. Yet in all this, I have discovered my son has reached a mile stone in boyhood. He is much to old for Mommy to help him with anything to do with his private area. After all, I am a girl. Poor kid was so embarrassed me having to help him. So here I sit at the computer glad he is feeling better, sorry he has been so sick today and yet a little sad because my little boy is growing up too fast. Doesn't need or want Mommy for some things. Perfectly understandable and natural but all the same hard for a Mommy to realize her one and only little boy is growing up way too fast for her. In the blink of an eye they grow and mature. While it is a good thing, it is still bitter sweet. Pride in their progress does not change the fact that to a Mommy, her little boy will ALWAYS be her baby.

A note to my readers and favorite blog authors: I will get back to reading and commenting more when all 3 of my children stay healthy long enough for me to have uninterrupted time on the computer. Having my attention divided is not conducive to blogging. I can email or do message boards but to do serious blogging I need uninterrupted time to compose my blogs. So bear with my my friends, I will be more active, eventually.


Mommy Reg said...

Sorry your kiddos are not well, mine have been sick too. Today seems like they are all feeling better so we will tackle some school today.
When my son turned 8 he stopped calling me mommy completely. He told me that he was a big boy and that big boys don't call their moms mommy. So now I am mom. So sad. :(

Thelma said...

That is sad.....I am NOT looking forward to that day.......Why do they have to grow up so fast. All are better today......I hope......LOL. Christopher is going back to school tomorrow. He is driving me nutty too......LOL. Feeling better enough to boss his sisters and attempt to boss mommy(which I put a quick halt to). It is that time of year I guess. I feel run down myself but I don't think I am sick, just way tired. Off to try and catch up at least on reading some blogs.....I hope. That is if the girls will stop arguing over which side of the pop up Dora Playtent is theirs....sigh. If they don't stop fighting it will be folded up and put away......LOL