Friday, September 28, 2007

A legacy of faith and love

A Legacy of faith and love

She leaves behind a legacy of faith and love

that points all who met her to the Savior above.

She loved in word and deed

as she taught others His voice to heed.

She was humble, pure and sweet

and daily knelt at the Savior's feet.

Each family member and friend

on her, they could depend.

Her testimony was sure and true

and she lived her faith in all she would do

If someone was hungry she made sure they had food to eat

and had a smile for everyone she would meet.

She truly did unto the lest of these

and then took all their problems to her knees.

Her legacy lives on in those she leaves behind

wanting them to have the Savior's mind.

She would not want us to grieve and weep

but all His word to live and keep.

She was a humble warrior, strong and brave

as with all her heart she daily gave.

She fulfilled His loving plan for her life

loving friend, mother, and faithful wife

God has called a Warrior home to her rest

for she gave the Savior her very best.

She has stayed the course and finished her race

and did so with love and grace.

She leaves behind a legacy not measured in fortune or fame

but priceless beyond measure just the same.

Her legacy is filled with faith and love

so we too, will live for our Savior above.

She will be missed beyond compare

but His story is what she would want us to share.

So pass on her legacy of faith and love

knowing one day will will meet again in heaven above.

Written in Memory of Mrs. Margret Green, who went to her eternal rest on September 28, 2007

A true Warrior of Faith and prayer

loved by so many. Her legacy reaches far and wide to place we can't even see. For each life she touched has touched others and so her legacy grows and grows. I love you Mrs Marget and I have to say thank you for all you did in our lives. For you touched us beyond what words can say. You made a difference in our lives in so many ways. We will see you on the other side, go goodbye is just for a season, for I will see you on the other side.


Fresh Brewed Faith said...

What a hope - what a legacy! I love it when God places those special people in out lives. I enjoyed reading your blog - mine is a bit of therapy too. I have not beein in the fishbowl much lately but found blogging an outlet too - I'll be visiting you if you don't mind - everyblessing
Shelley aka Sunflower

Thelma said...

thanks and sure you can visit and I will come visit you too....some days I get to the fishbowl a lot some days and others.....not so much.

My friend's funeral is today......I am kind of sad today....but at the same time have the comfort of knowing she is with the Lord.......what a comfort! THanks again.

Fresh Brewed Faith said...

I had a friend who passed away of brain cancer a couple of years ago - it devastated me b/c she was one who lived her faith out loud. When the Dr told her she was terminal her first response was "yes, we are all terminal" It's so true every one of us is terminal but we go to a future HOPE that will make this life look like a reflection in a pond!

I pray God ministers to you at your friend's funeral - take care and thanks for stopping by.

Thelma said...

thanks hon.....better today. We didnt get to attend her funeral as she lived 12 hours away.....too far for us to go and dh could not get off. Yes, she lived her faith out loud. She is the kind of church member every pastor, needs, wants, and prays for. She was NOT a gravy lady that is for sure, more like a blessing lady. She would heap words of encouragement and blessing on all she met.