Monday, September 24, 2007

More than a mom

Someone told me I needed to be more than a mom. That by being so focused on being a sahm I would lose myself and my ability to carry on intelligent, thought provoking conversations. But seperating myself from my self as a mommy is an impossibility. I once read we should live our passion, be true to ourselves. My passion is my family. I find true joy and fulfillement from being a wife and a mother. Now I am not saying it is always easy. No one likes to get up in the wee hours of the night and hae a miserable baby, or a diaper explosion to clean up. However, knowing my family is loved and well cared is like the biggest thrill to me. I guess you could say I am addicted to my family. When my family is happy and well cared for, I feel "high" so to speak. Watching joy and contentment on their faces brings me great joy. Teaching my children about God, their world and so much more is like music to my soul. Just as a great artist paints a beautiful piece of work; my children, my husband, my family, my home is my canvas. I can choose what I put into it. I can put in joy and peace with the words I say and the actions I do. Or, I can put in fear and darkness the same way. Oh I make mistakes and I have to go back and work to correct the mistake or start over on that section of the canvas. But one day when I look back a masterpiece will come together. With the help of my Lord I am able to do things I didn't think I could ever do. He gives me strength on the days I dont want to pick up the brush. So despite naysayers, I am a stay at home mom and I love it. It is my passion, it is my art, it is my calling. I am more than a mom because what I put into my children, my family and my home requires so much more of me than just being a mom.


Shawna said...

We are so many different things at different times. Right now you are highly focused and entrenched in motherhood and that is wonderful, later it may be something else. Don't worry about what others is you who will always be looking back in the mirror when all is said and done.

Country Girl At Heart said...

Oh what a wonderful place to be for the one who has identified thier calling and purpose.

God Bless

Help meet said...

Hi, I found you through the, PW Thriving in the Fishbowl, forum.
I'm also a SAHM, and have gotten the same comments from people.
I think I have the hardest, most fulfilling job in the world!
Despite what anyone else thinks, I wouldn't trade jobs for anything!!

Thelma said...

thanks yall and it is so true.....wouldn't trade it for the world......even when sleep deprived......LOL.