Friday, September 7, 2007

My Newest Endeavor

Is to attempt homeschool preschool with Hannah and my 4 year old nephew, Douglas. I am working this weekend on lesson plans and activities and the like. I am going to try this 3 days per week from 10 to 2 with a snack and a lunch break. Right now I am surfing the net for ideas, free curriculum and the like. I find a lot of sites that offer one free thing and the rest for astronomical prices. So the search is on. I have some stuff already and lots of ideas. I hope to keep a blog entry going about it and it will have the following heading:

This way if one wants to read it, they can or if they want to bypass the blogs on my preschool adventures they may.

I plan to start on Monday and we will see how it goes. I plan to have a lot of hands on stuff and fun because kids learn best through play.


Shawna said...

Sounds like fun...looking into the unschooling stuff too Thelma...for that age group I really like the idea. Heck, I like the idea for all age groups but am still feeling my way through it all.

There are some great blogs to get ideas from on my homeschooling blog side bar if you want :-)

Thelma said...

thanks Shawna......I will check them out.....HOORAY