Monday, February 5, 2007

Manic Monday

What is manic about today? EVERYTHING...........LOL. First my youngest daughter was awake more than she slept last night. Granted I took her to the dr today and she has an ear infection, poor wee tyke....but I am exhausted. Hannah is being cantankerous as any 3 year old can be and my 6 year old is crabby. So that should just about do it for the manic part, but to top it off the house was strung and strewed and I had to invite the Senior pastor's wife in because she was helping me get the baby in from the dr's. Embarrassing..but then again.......I have had little to no sleep. Right now the baby is screaming her wee head off and I know she is sick.......but I had to put her down for a bit because I simply need a break from the crying. I love my baby, but sometimes when they are crying like that you need to put them down a few moments or scream yourself. I have NO idea what we are doing for dinner. At least tomorrow has got to be better. I pray the sun is out. As I come in to the end of the day....I wonder how to apply what pastor preached about yesterday. Finding joy through doing things as unto the Lord and joy in the journey. Easier said than done. I havent even had time to breathe today much less read the Word of God or really pray other than GOD HELP ME NOW......LOL. I have good life, filled with blessings and joy but yet at times it can be so hard being a wife, a mom, and associate pastor's wife. I feel inadequate many times. But then I have to remember it is God who makes me adequate. I CAN do ALL things through HIM who strengthens me. Yet is can be hard to live that......when the baby is crying because her ear hurts and cause she puked, your 3 year old has just colored on stuff she should not color on and your 6 year old acts like a moody teenager that is 6 going on 16. Your husband is at forgot to get anything out for dinner and all you want is sleep. That is when it is hard not to focus on the manic part of Monday. So my prayer is that on days like today.........I will find joy in at least one thing and keep on moving and knowing that tomorrow will be better. God is faithful. Now I must close and go pick up my wail;ing baby, take the markers away from my 3 year old and correct the 6 year old's attitude, and pray with all my heart my dear husband decides to call and ask if he wants me to bring home something for dinner.