Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday Snapshot

Reading: Hmmmmmm nothing today.......who had time.

Drinking: Glass of milk and eating a much needed chocolate chip cookie.......cookie and milk therapy........hopefully it will do wonders.

Wishing: I could have a few moments of alone time........

Correction: I need time AWAY from the house by MYSELF........or I will pull myself bald

Considering: Going to the store when Mike gets home all by myself even if I only look at stuff.

Feeling: Tired, overwhelmed, weepy.......frustrated.

Goals: To not make the children stay in time out all day.......LOL. so tempting. To get Jennifer to sleep.
To Do List: I dont even want to put all that I have to do.....it is miles long.

Things Accomplished: Dinner started-beans soaking, pork for beans boiling on stove, sausage for dinner defrosting. Laundry started

Challenge: To find joy in the journey and list what you can find joy in today even if it is a hard day

My joy for the day is: Mike gets off at 4:30 today and will be home for a family dinner instead of him having to work until 10 pm and his day off is tomorrow and I am taking the girls and going window shopping at least.