Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dreams require action.

come in many different shapes and sizes. There are those that we dream while we sleep that make no sense. There are dreams that God gives us while we sleep to teach us something, show us something we need to know, or perhaps have us pray for someone in a time of need. But, dreams are also those hopes, wishes, desires for the future. Those dreams can be for our children, our spouse, our friends, gamily or even ourselves. One of my dreams is to be a writer and to actuallly be published. I want to write Christian novels and children's books. I would love to write a devotional. One thing to meet that goal is to work on my writing style. I tend to be lazy when blogging and forget punctuation or thought completion. I tend to ramble from topic to topic. So in fulfilling my dreams I plan to write at least one blog a week that actually has better flow, grammar, spelling and the things required to become a true author. Dreams are attainable and I truly believe they are God given.

The dreams I have for my children are basically that they will love God and walk humbly before their God. Yet that dream requires from me to put something into action. That something is prayer, reading the Word of God with them, teaching them and nurturing them in the things of God. It requires me being a good example to them. What a humbling thought to think that I am responsible for those deams coming true. With the help of the Lord these dreams can come true as well.

The dreams I have for my husband are that he walk closer with our Lord. That he grow in ministry in spirit and in truth. That also requires action from me. I must pray for him, support him, and encourage him. I must let him know that he is important to me and that he matters. Our husbands often need more encouragement from us than they will ever admit. They need us to be their helpmates. That requires patience and prayer from us. It requires obedience to our Lord. That too is an humbling thought.

Finally, I have dreams for friends and family that they will know and serve the Master. Again, this requires action from me. I must live Jesus before them. I must treat them as Jesus would. I must not condemn their failures but minister to them in their pain. I must forgive what needs to be forgiven and pray for those that refuse to treat me the way they should. I must let bygones be bygones and let Jesus fix them. My duty is to love them, show them Jesus and pray for them.

So as I think about dreams; I realize all dreams take action. Even those while we are sleeping can require action. Either we must wake up and realize it was a dream or perhaps wake up an pray for the person in our dreams. Those dreams may require us to laugh at them and share them to make someone else laugh. Or perhaps the dream requires no other action but prayer. Whatever the action, dreams require action. I pray that the Lord will help me react to whatever type of dream it is in the way He would want. So let the dreams come and let me please God even in my dreams.