Friday, February 9, 2007

A day in the life of a sahm

5:30 am- baby wakes up. I wait just hoping she will go back to sleep. Nope......she is babbling and calling "ma ma". So I get up. Mike changes her while I do some morning necessities....LOL.
6:00 am- She is playing on the floor while the other two are asleep. I am half comatose but upright and talking to Mike about the day, getting Christopher's clothes etc, preparing his lunch, and preparing the children's breakfast.
6:30 Hannah gets up and wants a cuddle, the baby starts crying for a bottle and Mike changes Hannah while I prepare the bottle and feed Jennifer.
7:00 am Christoper gets up the kids have breakfast and I try to convince the baby to go back to sleep because she is rubbing her eyes. Mike is leaving for work. I make sure all Christopher's stuff is in his backpack and put everything by the door.
7:20 am the little girl I babysit arrives, while I am getting Christopher, Hannah and Jennifer ready for the day.....clothes changed, hair combed, teeth brushed etc.
7:30 am feed the little girl I watch, Allie her breakfast, as she doesnt want to feed herself(age 2).
7:45 am Christopher leaves for school with carpool. Hannah is in the potty playing instead of pottying and Allie is playing. Jennifer is cranky and tired but refuses to sleep. I start a load of laundry(never did get back to this today)
8:00 am--put on kids educational program for a while..finally get baby down for a cat nap and make coffee. get clothes on instead of nightgown
8:30 am--break up arguement between Hannah and Allie and seperate them. Jennifer wakes up and I put her in the play pen with toys. Check my email and decide what I want for breaksfast.
9:00 am --finally I make my breakfast and sit down to eat. Children are playing nicely and happily. I give the kids a snack while I eat. Call my mother and chat and drink another cup of coffee.
9:30 am Craft time with the girls. Jennifer has fallen asleep in the play pen and I just let her stay....big believer in you leave sleeping babies alone.
10:00 am.....I give the girls blocks and toy tools to play with, clean the kitchen, do some more kitchen duties etc. decide what kids will have for lunch, fix the now awake baby a bottle and feed her.
10:30 am--baby playing in exersaucer.....I supervise potty time as the girls have decided it might be a nice place to play. They are asking to eat again so I make their lunch.
11:00 am I give the girls lunch. Then plan naptime. Nap is a no one is napping today. get the girls started on another activity, cuddle with the baby and give her meds to her.
12:00 pm clean up the girls lunch stuff, check online blogs etc, put baby in crib, and she finally goes to sleep. Try to keep girls half way quiet.
12:30 baby awake again.....girls were too loud. Get them playing dolls and try to calm baby, change diapers etc.
1:00 pm girls fighting, Hannah hitting...she goes in naughty corner. Allie sits by Hannah in naughty corner providing is so cute I have to take a picture. Baby playing in play pen after some floor time. do some house chores etc.
1:30 give baby a bottle, she drains it this time unlike the last bottle
2:00 pm change diapers, check pulls ups get everyone ready to go pick up Christopher from school.
2:15 pm walk to Christopher's school with Hannah and Allie in stroller and Jennifer in snugglie.
2:45 pm home again, check Christopher's backpack. Praise him for completing seatwork on time, check for notes from teacher etc. try to put baby down for a nap........go into 15 times to lay her down and put binky back in and finally realize she is not going to sleep.
3:15 pm Allie's mom arrives, house is chaotic and noisy and a mess of toys. CLEAN UP TIME....all kids help with clean up.
3:30 pm Allie leaves and I put baby down for a nap......she is out like a light. The oldest two are having quiet time while I sit at the computer.
now here is how the rest of the day is planned.(and I realize I forgot to eat lunch, no wonder I am starving).
4:30 pm......put on chicken to bake and cut up potatoes for mashed potatoes. do some cleaning again.......
5:30 pm prepeare rest of dinner, kids will have free play tonight......their rooms are clean now so I dont have to worry about clean up time. should be time for baby's bottle
6:00 pm dinner followed by baths and clean up time. will offer baby table food if she wants it.
7:00 pm family time, prayers etc.
8:00 in bed! Mommy's tv will probably play with daddy for a bit.
8:30 pm baby in bed sleeping......hopefully.
11:00 pm last bottle for baby for, shower, bed. and it all starts over tomorrow. This isn't the same each day.......some days I actually get the laundry finished.....LOL. Somedays I dont get out of my jammies til noon........LOL.
I clean through out the day so it doesnt have to be all done at once. no wonder I am tired at the end of the day.......LOL.
I need to get more of a schedule now that I will be babysitting on a regular basis. Hannah and Allie did not nap today.......that has to change! But I have to get them up from naps by 2 in order to pick up my that means they will need lunch by 11 and be asleep by noon to get a 2 hour nap. I have to figure in laundry and cleaning etc.
oh and I hope to work in some devotional time in there.......instead of leaving it out or for last. I will get this somehow.....LOL