Tuesday, February 6, 2007

When you make mistakes as a Mom

It always has a way of making you feel guilty, overwhelmed and like weeping. Yet as parents, we all make mistakes. Why is it, we as moms feel like we have to be perfect? We feel like we dont stimulate their minds enough, read enough, hug enough and the list goes on. Where DOES that little voice come from......well it defnitely isn't from the Lord. The Lord is not a Lord of condemnation. We do that to ourselves and listen to lies of the enemy of our souls. Then we get down on ourselves and that does NOT help the situation. When we do make mistakes, if we could step back, pray and realize we can't be perfect, only Jesus is perfect it would help. What makes us stronger is admitting our mistakes, repenting, and asking forgiveness. Showing our children that we make mistakes but are willing to admit them and repent teaches them a valuable lesson. It teaches them it is okay to make mistakes and that the world doesn't end when we do. It teaches them responsibility and how to repent and ask forgiveness. Even today when I lost it with my older two......I was down on myself for a lot of the day, until I realized I was making myself feel so sad, alone and overwhelmed. No one was doing it but me. My kids are ever forgiving and my Lord is always there to pick me up. He loves me no matter what. My children love me no matter what. Losing it with my children does not damage them for life as long as I admit my mistakes and correct them to the best of my ability. Mom's in our society are expected to have the perfect home, the perfect body, the perfect children, the perfect discipline method and oh so much more. But that is not reality. Reality is wearing clothes that your child just puked on while trying to put on the laundry and keeping the kids from drawing blood in the middle of a fight over a toy they didn't even acknowledge yesterday. Reality is going on just a few hours of sleep and starting the same housekeeping project 10 times over because one or the other little person needed mommy. Reality is letting children know they are more important than an immaculate house, a perfect mommy figure, and the perfect outfit with matchign makeup. Reality is your child saying even though you havent had the chance to shower or wash said spit up off.........You are the prettiest mommy in the whole world. THAT is reality. It is the joy of your little baby saying "Mama" and lifting her hands to you with perfect joy on her face. It is the sweetness of your little girl saying "I just like you mommy" as she pats her pink shirt cause you both happen to be wearing pink. That is reality and the mistakes fade into the background when love comes on the scene.