Monday, January 29, 2007

The faith of a child

The Bible does say we should come to him like a little child. Once son has shown me a real live object lesson of that fact.

I think it was this past Thursday or Friday.....not sure on which day but that I guess doesnt matter.

I had sent Christopher to his room to think about his behavior. Since he was a very young child he would pray and talk to God when he is in time out. Say things like "let mommy and daddy let me out of time out" etc. But that day.....something different happened. Suddenly my son was wailing and crying deep, deep sobs......sobs so heartfelt I went to check on him.

Christopher, what's wrong.

I cant hear the Lord. I just want to hear His voice.

Honey, He talks to us diffently than voice.

But I can't hear Him mommy, I want to hear the Lord....Oh Lord....let me hear you. I want to hear your voice.....Lord. Lord....please let me hear you. Oh , Mommy He cant hear me......why doesnt He answer why cant I hear His voice.

Honey, honey it's okay........He speaks to our heart not in a voice we hear with your ears.

But heart doesn't have any ears. I can't hear him. (as he tried to put his ear on his chest, as he raised his tear stained face and sweet little hands towards heaven. My little boy cried out to God...His Lord......)

Mommy....I need to go to heaven so I can hear the Lord (as he lept with his raised hands toward the ceiling trying to reach heaven)...but I cant reach heaven it is too high. (still crying in earnest with heart felt sobs and his face so sincere and so precious).

Honey...if you went to heaven I would miss you here.

But Mommy....I would come right back.....I promise....Oh , Lord just let me hear you, please let me hear your voice.

I am hugging him now....and trying my hardest not to cry in front of him as my mommy heart is wrenched to its core with this child seeking God so desperate to hear the Lord's voice. It took an hour and starting a breathing treatment to get him calme enough to listen to me. As he got his treatment he was saying

Lord, hear me, let me hear you......Heal me up Lord, just heal me up.

by this time I was fighting for emotional control so I wouldnt make him more upset.

I read to him from Psalms and I sang to him and I prayed with him. We even called his Daddy during that time at work....and still he did not calm........finally when he did calm down I was able to communicate that God speaks to our hearts.......not with an audible voice. As I read the Word of God to him and prayed with him......his spirit quieted with in him. Our senior pastor came over after my husband called him and told him the same thing I had. Never in my life.....have I seen a 6 year old child seek God so deeply, so sincerely. I was floored, awed and humbled. My son, my precious son was not seeking attention, he was not trying to get out of trouble....but he truly, earnestly wanted to hear the audible voice of the Lord. The only thing I can figure is that while he prayed during his time out.....he came to the realization he was not hearing an audible voice.

If adults sought God the way my son sought the Lord's voice that day......what kind of Christian's would this world have? Christian's on fire for God. I will never forget my child's tear stained face, face and hands lifted to heaven, voice filled with earnest, sincere emotion and his precious words crying out to the Lord just to hear His voice. My Lord, My Lord.....when will MY FAITH be that strong........when was the last time it was that strong. So today I plead for the faith of a child. I am humbled and awed by what the Lord is doing in my son. My husband, the pastor and his wife were amazed at how earnest my son was seeking the Lord as well. When the pastor came over.......although Christopher was calm by that time.......his eyes were still swollen....but he had peace.......peace brought by the word of God and the Lord ministering to his heart when we prayed together.

All I can Lord let me walk in that faith....the faith of a child.


Mommy Reg said...

Wow, that is awesome. I love the way children think. Pray he never looses that desire, but that it will only grow stronger.

Thelma said...

thanks so much....I too want him to keep this......sorry it took so long to get back to your comment and thanks for visiting my blog.