Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nanny 911 or SuperNanny

We enjoy this show for the most part. My son who is 6, thinks it is great cause he sees kids do things and I quote "I would never do that mommy"....LOL. Yet, as I think about many of us really could stand up to scrutiny of cameras in our homes for 24/7. They pull excerpts from hours of taping and put it all together. So who is to say "those" parents really scream at their kids or act the way the show portrays. I know on my worst days, I too have screamed at my kids, punished unfairly, or horror of horrors spanked a bottom firmly. I have yelled at my husband in front of my children and been, well HUMAN. Where in the show does it ever show the mom or dad being normal, loving parents UNTIL after the Nanny does her magic. Don't you think some of these families really are just the average american family, with average Amercian problems and issues of day to day life. Also have you ever seen them do a family that has to struggle for money or to make the bills. NO each of these homes are almost all of them anyway or showcase homes! Homes like I will never live in and the parents make more than we can ever dream of making. So what about us average folk, who struggle and make mistakes in parenting and wonder, am I really doing a good job? Wouldn't we look horrid to if the "Nanny" came in our home. For example, Hannah is 3 years old and NOT potty trained. Well we have tried the whole put the panties on and let her be wet or icky, no go. I am sorry but I dont have wooden floors, nor can I afford to have my carpets cleaned every other day. We live in a home provided by the church since Mike is the associate pastor. It has brand new, wonderful carpet. Frankly I dont want to go to the head pastor and say, "we need new carpet because of potty accidents". I really dont think that would go over well with the church board. The shows dont figure stuff like that in. I really do enjoy the shows but have to wonder how much is for show and how much is real.