Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Snapshot

Reading: Saving Grace by Ryan Phillips...and up and coming Christian author. I accidently read the second in the series before the first....It is about a young, african amercian woman who is the daughter of a successful business woman....she was raised by a single mom......and educated in private school and sheltered. Now she has to face the realities of the world. She has affairs and leads her own life. Then meets a young Christian man..but has some devestating losses. She has no one to turn to be is a great read....and I am enjoying the first novel as much as I did the second.

Music in my head: You are my sunshine my only sunshine.........

Drinking: Ice Cold Dr Pepper.......not on my diet but oh so tasty.

Wishing: I could take a nap. Correction: I wish the girls would take a nap at the SAME time......I could easily go to sleep since I didnt get enough sleep last night.

Considering: if I should skip doing chores today.....and go on strike.....after all it seems as Mommy has become a slave around here and perfectly good capable children have forgotten how to clean their rooms. But alas I can't do that......since the mess will drive me nuts.

Feeling: tired, sleepy, 3 year old decided sleep was optional last night......sigh.

Goals: To get caught up on the laundry.....yeah this life time? dont think so......hmmmm doesn't laundry breed anyway....when you arent looking.

To Do List: make 100 school days project with son. I said before.....bring some semblance of order to the kids rooms.......hmmmm.......did those toys throw a revolt and leap out of the toy bin I am sure my "perfectly angelic" children wouldnt make such a mess.

Hours gloriously spent in bathtub last night: none, but I did get a shower with my dd this morning and bathe the baby....until she turned into a wee little prune cause she hates to get out. I could count that as a bath as she splashes so well for 6 months old.
Things Accomplished: 0

Challenge: PIck at least 3 of the above categories and list your "Snapshot" in the Comments.


Brenda said...

your song you were singing is one Bob sings to me once in a while...makes me cry everytime. :)

music in my head: blues clues theme song as that is what is currently on! LOL

considering: going to the grocery store. I really don't want to go...I'm feeling achy and uncomfortable and tired and it's freezing outside (about 10 degrees right now) and I just don't want to go..but we need milk and bread and other things. *sigh*

wishing: I could lay down and take a nap. I have a sinking feeling that wish probably won't go away for a long time! LOL

Thelma said...

I have the same wish today.....LOL. I am so tired but no chance for a nap is in sight.......LOL. Hope you get some much needed rest soon.