Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ten Things to be Thankful for Tuesday

  1. It is going to rain today........we need the rain.
  2. The kids are healthy for the most part. No one has a fever, no one is puking etc. LOL. Dont have to worry about pulling out the Lysol can today.....LOL.
  3. Our daily needs are met......after all God promised to meet our needs.
  4. Hannah really is liking to watch Little House on the Prairie.......this makes me happy cause I loved it as a little girl and now it is something I can share with her. I think I will invest in the little house books and start reading a bit each night to the kids.
  5. Christopher was called a bad name at school yesterday......another child called him and I quote "a little idiot". The other kid got in trouble but Christopher handled it so maturely and even agreed maybe his friend was just mad and said he would forgive him no matter what. Made me really proud.
  6. Jennifer is growing up strong and healthy and beginning to get into mischief. Yes.......I am thankful for that....cause it means she has a bright, inquisitive mind and she is learning fast.
  7. My husband is a hard worker and a devoted husband and father. HE loves his wife and his children.....and though he gets cranky at times.....we never doubt that.
  8. I am thankful.........gasp.........for my chores...but dont let my family hear me say that.....LOL. It means I have a happy, healthy home where my kids can make messes and they are well enough to make messes and it keeps my day from EVER being boring. Now about the mess in the kids bathroom.......not so sure I am THAT thankful for that....but at least I have the strength and ability to clean it up....LOL.
  9. I have a Lord that is helping me grow as I am learning to be thankful in the daily things instead of JUST the big blesssings. He is helping me see there is much more to life than the big blessings because sometimes miracles and blessings are truly hidden in everyday happenings.
  10. I am thankful for prayer. A way I can let out my deepest feelings and thoughts to someone who JUST listens and I dont have to be anybody but me......I can say it just like I feel and not have to worry about HIM thinking it sounds dumb or silly or not important......because HE cares about everything.


Brenda said...

Great list! I also try to thank the Lord for all the little things too, not just the big ones. The song "Thank You Lord" comes to my mind.

Thelma said...

I love that song.......LOVE it!