Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer day 72 Memories are pictures the heart takes.

Watching my children with my Dad is precious. I am sure it is that way with all grandparents. They are different people than when they were our parents. Being a grandparent changes them. There is a depth to love in that of a grandparent that defies explanation.  I watched my kids enjoy my Daddy this weekend and it brought back memories of having time with my grandmothers. I didn't grow up with grandpas due to their deaths. But I had the best grandmothers this world has ever known. I see that same feeling in my kids.

My bonus mom (aka step mom) has fed us good this weekend. I love her country cooking. Although, I am going to have to work it off for days.  Watching her with the kids is precious. She loves them as if they were her blood born grandchildren.

We went to the water park today. I had to take photos with my heart because water parks and cameras do not mix. I didn't want to risk losing it or dropping it in water.  Playing with our children in the pools and slides and waves was priceless. Seeing them face the fear of a huge drop on a water slide and like it better than me was priceless.   Memories were made today, precious memories.  Memories are just that, pictures our heart takes.