Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer --days 73 and 74 Home sweet Home--There's no place like home

We had a good few days visiting my Dad but yesterday we had to come back.  It was a pretty good trip. However, I do have to say the drivers around Atlanta drive like maniacs.

We stopped for supper somewhere ..........out there.......okay outside Atlanta but it was fun having dinner with my sweet husband and kids.  We made them sit on one side and us on the other.  At first they were like but I want to sit by Daddy or I want to sit by Mommy.........but soon enough they realized it was pretty cool sitting all on one side.  What a blessing..........they are.  I am so thankful for them.

As we left from getting dinner last night and continued on our journey home, this beautiful sunset was there to greet us.............

And while visiting family is such a blessing, there is truly no place like home. Home is a special place.  I am thankful that God has blessed us with a home filled with love and faith. I know there are some that long for that. I pray that those who do not have it, God will bless them with Home Sweet Home.

Today was church and my favorite day of the week.  I taught the PreK children's church group and had a blast.  Those kids are cute and fun and they love Jesus.  Children, that is who we are to be like, children, faith like children.  I find that church too is Home Sweet Home and there is no place like a church home who loves and serves Jesus and preaches the Word of God with love and truth.