Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer--Day 75 ---Devotions and prayer time

Devotions with the niblets and prayer time is one of the most precious times of day.  Hearing their innocent thought and prayers.  Listening to their simple, child filled faith, makes my heart pound with joy.  I wish that I could bottle these moments and keep them forever.  It is times like this I become even more thankful that Jesus chose us to be His own.

I listened to their innocent prayers tonight.  Chris prayed for his family and that we'd all sleep well.
Hannah prayed and thanked God for and I quote "My lovely parents who take care of me".
Jenny prayed for all the people who do not have food or homes.

How precious are the prayers of children.  As we teach them to pray for forgiveness, their families and others we need to pray that they grow a desire to not only pray for themselves and their needs but the needs of the people in the world around them.  It is a learning process for them, but it is a beautiful process.

Prayer time...........truly a sweet time in the evening.

Ready to hear the Word.  I pray that they will not just be hearers of the Word but doers of the Word

 Group prayer 

Making their own petitions known to the Father.