Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sunsets, dancing with my kids and love

The other day we were driving home and saw this beautiful sunset...........

I love the sunset.  It is like God painted the sky with all the colors of the rainbow.  

Tonight the kids and I were listening to a service on line. During praise and worship we got up in the living room and danced our hearts out. I love it that my kids asked to watch the preaching with me and liked that I got up and danced.  I might have no rhythm and I might not dance well but to my kids.........I am a good dance.  When we dance as David danced, unto the Lord........He finds it beautiful. His love accepts us as we are even if we have two left feet. His love hears our praise no  matter how off key and adores it. He looks at us like we look at our children, with complete  love. 
That is LOVE..........unconditional love of the Father that says.......I love you, even if you can't dance because to me, you dance like the best dancer in all the world. THAT is what HIS love says.