Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is Sumo

Okay 3 years ago my son had a pet siamese fighting fish. He loved that fish. Watched it, fed it, promised that he was "training it". Anyway one day he came to me and asked why his fish was floating on it's back? Well, we had to flush Sumo. My son greived and held a funeral for it and prayed "Our Father which are in heaven" was very cute.

Anyway, I have not thought of Sumo in a long time. Sumo has been nowhere on my radar.

Yesterday he says:

Mom do you know where Sumo is?

I said: Sumo?

He said: Yes my fish.

I said: "No Christopher, where is Sumo"

He said: "Swimming in the River of life, next to the golden streets in heaven"...

LOL......a little red fish swimming in the river of life, that is some picture.