Thursday, July 2, 2009

If Jesus were interviewed

(I am sure there are things written like this..but this has been on my mind lately and it is my version....I am sure if I sat down, I could come up with more but for now this will do. But can you imagine how HE would be questioned aggressively and how Jesus would answer with a soft answer full of love and patience to every thing thrown at Him. My little "interview" in no way even touches the surface of how He would be treated or what He would be asked.)

on the Today show:

Jesus welcome to the Today show We are glad you could make it.

Jesus: Your welcome.

interviewer: Do you really think your message is relevant today and accepting of all?

Jesus: I came to seek and save that which was lost. Salvation is always relevant.

interviewer: What makes you think we are lost

Jesus: Anyone who denies me and my Father is lost. We created you to have communion with us.

interviewer: But doesn't that exclude people, faiths, beliefs?

Jesus: No,my word is clear....whosoever will may come. I accept all.

interviewer: but even some of the higher religious people don't accept you or your message how do you respond to their criticism.

Jesus: They are broods of vipers, the outsides looks nice and clean but on the inside they are vile and wicked and filled with filth. And they will be cast away.

interviewer: But why are YOU the only answer

Jesus: my beloved because I am the only one who gave His life and blood for all...not just some...not just the "righteous" not just the rich...not just the acceptable in society but all who choose to accept my gift.

interviewer: Are you worried about people not accepting your view and viewing you as outdated?

Jesus: No, my word is living and true...nature declares my works...the sound of a baby's laughter...the majesty of the mountains....everyone will be without excuse when they face me in judgement.

interviewer: What gives you the right to judge anyone

Jesus: I am the alpha and omega....without me there is no remission of sins....I gave my very life so that all could be set free from death, hell and the grave.

interviewer: How is it then that you send say good people will not make it to heaven?

Jesus: Being good does not clear one from sin's penalty. All have fallen short of the glory of God....all have sinned.....there is no one without sin and they need to be washed of that sin because my Father can not be with sin and I came to abolish sin's hold. The gift is free.....but one has to accept it first.

interviewer: but if you created the world as you say why throw away your creation into the pit, why not just let everyone in.

Jesus: Because my beloved...sin can be no part of heaven and when man sinned he cut the communion of man and God....he defiled it and thought himself better than his own creator's decrees. I set up those decrees for a purpose so myself and mankind could always be in harmony but when man sinned he violated that harmony by usurping himself above the very one who created him and breathed life into him.

interviewer: thank you for coming today....we our out of time, do you have anything else you want to say

Jesus: simply I love all of mankind to every corner and ever nation and every valley and every mountain of this world...I bid them come unto me for I have the answer if they will but see my love for them....they can be free

now in your reply put some of the questions and answers you think there would be....