Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Jennifer

3 years ago today you came into our lives and graced us with the gift of another daughter. From the moment we found out your were on the way, we knew you were a miracle. Your little brother or sister had been lost just before we conceived you and our Father in heaven heard our plea and Graced us with you....thus your middle name is Grace. When you were had some problems and the doctors thought you would end up in NICU and we began calling people to pray. The doctor came in and said...."I was really worried about your baby but SUDDENLY she began to improve, you can keep your baby with you". Well my sweet girl, SUDDENLY means prayer works.

This year you have grown so much, learned so much and now go in the potty. You have such a positive outlook on life. You see joy in everything you do. Your answer to why you are cute, or how you know stuff or how anyone knows anything is Jesus did it. You love Jesus. Your prayers are so sweet and poignant. You have such great faith for one so young.

You adore your brother and sister and want to be just like them. You try to do exactly what they do. Your pouty moments are few and far between but when they happen they are still so cute. You are a charmer. Your bright blue eyes are full of light.

My sweet girl we are so thankful for you. We praise God you have such a loving, giving personality and that your first thought when someone is not feeling well is "wet us pway Mama" (let us pray). Thank you for being you. Thank you that even in your naughty moments you are quick to repent and say sorry.

We love you sweetie.
Mommy and Daddy


TheyCallMeMom said...

what a sweet letter!

Thelma said...

thanks so much.