Monday, July 6, 2009

I have a headache

One that does not want to go away. The kids are not being loud but it sure sounds like it in my head. Also discovered today the cheap brand of gummy candy thingies my husband and son picked out....had way too much sugar because all 3 of mine were literally bouncing off the walls with hyperactivity. My kids are not normally that hyper but today.....oh my word!

I told my husband I am going to load the kids up on them the Friday I leave for our ladies retreat and leave him with the kids....just kidding of course but it IS tempting. And for all those researchers that say it is impossible for sugar to cause kids to be hyper were NOT in my house today. My Jennifer is usually laid back, easy going, calm,cool and collected. After her nap they got said gummies and within half an hour they were so hyper they could NOT contain themselves. My friend I babysit came to pick up her son and said "I have NEVER seen Jennifer this hyper". I haven't either for that matter.

She has finally chilled but my head is throbbing. It is too early to put them to bed if I want them to sleep here I sit...trying to get my mind off my head...not so easy. I am going to try and eat a little something and perhaps drink a soda as maybe I haven't had enough caffeine. (Trying to cut back).

I can't take anything except tylenol due to allergies and the fact I prefer to be conscious when my kids are in the house with me heavier meds make me comatose and I am allergic to asprin, ibouproufen and I just manage.

okay enough to convince my kids to talk in baby whispers.