Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Kings

Today as I watched part of the coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral I was blown away by some of the comments made and not made by speakers, reporters and the like.

First off on the today show someone was speaking about MJ and how he was a king and how he did so much to give all his love for the world and did much to "heal" the world. Okay.....he did open some pathways for musicians that never would have been opened. But to heal the nations.....NO....there is only one way the nations will be healed....the Word says

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray , and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

They talked about the good works he has done....but good works does not guarantee you a place in heaven....only accepting Jesus as your Savior saves you soul. Do good works 24/7 and you still can not earn your way to heaven.

The pastor of the family said he was part of a family, a brother, a father, the world of fans etc..but never once could he say he was part of the family of God.

I turned the station before it was over because the building up of a man to a god like status was quite frankly making me ill. Don't misinterpret what I am saying...I grew up listening to some MJ music......and it is sad he died so suddenly. But he was a MAN.....a mere MAN. Jesus is the one and ONLY KING....He alone can HEAL the world...

The turn out for MJ.....saddened me....Jesus could come and no one would show up.....well you know what I mean. When Jesus was crucified....masses of people turned up crying out crucify Him....crucify Him....when these self same people weeks before sought Him out for miracles and healing and who knows what else. His own disciple denied Him. Yet a mere man, who could dance, sing, and for lack of better terminology grab his crotch and dance dies......people turn out in droves.....sell their most beloved possessions just to attend his funeral...where he will stay dead for eternity. Those who accept Jesus will LIVE for eternity.

But Jesus who can give them eternal life and who is not dead....they turn away.

So what am I trying to say.....pray friends pray....we live in a sinful fallen nation who would rather sing the praises of a pop star whose voice will fade instead of serving the KING who can save their soul and give them a life they can never imagine. MJ was not Jesus......he was a sad, lonely man who turned to drugs to make his life bearable. He died alone and in pain and captive to his addictions.....and that my friends is sad. Most likely...although we don't know for sure he will spend eternity in a place filled with pain and sorrow apart from God. From some accounts he was alienated from his family and lost in a world of drugs and sorrow. Yes, his family loved him. Yes, it is sad MJ died. He did some good things. He sang well and entertained the world over but he dies alone and probably afraid in what was happening to him. However, did anyone.....did one person in his life EVER tell him Jesus loved him and that there WAS a REAL answer to all his heartache and pain. It makes you wonder.


Anonymous said...

Did you check out my latest NOTE on FB... basically about the same thing.

The whole US and its celebrity obsession is troubling to me. And honestly, not to turn this political, but I feel THAT is the main reason Obama won office: his celebrity type image, not his policies, not his track record, not his work history... but his "image" and celebrity like persona.

I am so tired of the MJ coverage. I was the 1st day. Report that he has passed, how it all happened; give a recap of his accomplishments and successes... but then get on with the news, real news; the stuff that will make a difference in our lives. Don't cover MJ for 24 hrs a day for over a week. He was a man, a mere man.

Thelma said...

okay....who is this...it says anonymous....but I know I know you...LOL.

Hope said...

DH and I were talking about the SAME thing yesterday!

Shawna said...

Anonymous is me, Shawna LOL I don't know why it did that?

Thelma said...

LOL....no worries as long as I know who it is.....roflol.

I imagine so Hope....it really makes you think doesn't it?