Monday, December 8, 2008

Our weekend Getting ready for Christmas

Since the girls are better and everyone was well, we went and had our annual santa picture done. This started a long time ago but especially once Mike worked for Walgreen's. Although we put emphasis on celebration of the Savior's birth, we do get our annual santa picture. Looking at the ones from the past, well it brings back so many memories. Our children have grown and not just in size. They have grown in faith and wisdom as well.

After that we did some errands, grocery shopping and running around. Then we came home and put up the decorations on our tree. It only had lights on it because the girls getting sick kind of put a stop to the decorating process.

Our family is ready for Christmas. The lights are hung, the decorations put on , and the Nativity Scene is in place. Christmas IS my favorite holiday. Without the birth of the Savior, there would be no story to tell. Because He had to choose to humble Himself as a baby in a manger so that He could be like us. Because He came, we have freedom.

My dream is to have one of those big manger scenes you can put up outside. I want the WORLD to know WHO we believe Christmas is about. Our small manger scene is needing an update. I am hoping that after Christmas I can find a new one on sale. I want one like I had as a child. We had a stable and all the animals were painted to look realistic. The baby was beautiful and removable. We never put the baby Jesus figuring in the manger until Christmas Eve. Then my sister and I tucked him in a kleenex so as to keep him warm. The wisemen and their camels started off across the room from the manger scene and we moved them closer.....and did not actually put them in the manger scene until just after Christmas our recognition that scripture shows.....the wisemen came later. Those memories are precious and I want to give my children those same memories.

We are trying to prepare our hearts for Christmas too. Giving thanks for our many blessings and celebrating that Jesus is the reason for the season. I have plans to have an activity each night from tonight forward that will prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas and the celebration of the King of King's birthday, the birth or our Savior and our Lord.

God is good and greatly to be praised.


Thelma said...

To Amy at Monster Wrangler:

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