Friday, December 12, 2008

Only one of MY kids........(edited to add photos)

Okay is there a sign on me that says

Let Bizarre things happen to her children

We went out to play in the snow. About 1.5 inches...........not much but enough for a snow day only because the roads were frozen over with ice.

We came back in after 20-30 min....cause the kids were cold. We shed out shoes, socks and jackets. I had been in maybe 4-5 minutes and Hannah comes up to me and says look mama

Her feet and ankles were swollen and had HUGE hives....I mean HUGE! I called the nurse....and by the time they called back.(it takes them FOREVER to call back) had nothing we can do. BUT allergic to cold? Who knew?

Like my son having sensory issues but now it ONLY effects his eating as he has gotten past the tactile issues. Yeah......strange but that is just the way it is.

oh and both the nurse and my mil asked

Did you put socks on them or just shoes?

UH DUH! IT was 27 degrees outside.......what do you think? duh! Of course I put socks on THEM.....HELLO.

but my in-laws are taking us to buy boots today and mittens..since we don't have any.......that is a blessing.......

Here is one photo....the white in the center of the red is all hive......and the ankle is swollen:


photo number 2:

you can see how swollen around the ankle bone it is. I have very petite, bony children...LOL. Usually.


more of the hives:

It looked much worse in person than these photos show.

I dont get it..........but then made for an interesting morning. And something I am going to have to discuss more in depth with the dr. I am keeping the photos to show the dr. So they will not think it is a figament of my imagination.


Amy said...

Allergic to cold! WOW! I didn't even know that was possible.

Wish we'd get some snow around here!

Thelma said...

well neither did I until today.......LOL.

and I have a love/hate relationship with is pretty and I like it when it is falling and when it first falls.....after that I hate it....LOL. it is messy and icky and gets tracked in....LOL